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FRIENDZONE helps you spending more time with your friends and having fun together. On FRIENDZONE you can find many offers and inspirations for activities together with your friends. You can easily and quickly find out what to do next and how to organize you for that, all on FRIENDZONE!

The Meetup function is designed for this purpose. You can use it to plan a future activity with friends, such as your next birthday or a barbecue afternoon at the lake.

Your mobile number helps us to better connect you with your friends. So, we can create better friend suggestions for you. Also, your mobile number serves as security and copy protection for your account. Of course, FRIENDZONE treats your mobile number with the utmost care and attaches great importance to the protection of your data.

FRIENDZONE has Meetups for this purpose that start immediately. Quickly tell your friends what you are doing and invite them to join you spontaneously.

On FRIENDZONE you can find many Locations and Events. Just look for them on the map or search explicitly for what you are looking for. We try to provide a very attractive offer. You don't find something or you know something that would fit perfectly on FRIENDZONE? Then let us know (via Friendzone Support Chat on the App) and we will make sure that you can meet your friends there via FRIENDZONE! That way everyone in the community can benefit from each other's tips!

Spontaneous Meetups

With a spontaneous Meetup you show your friends what you are doing right now and invite them to join you. You can add a photo and a short text to motivate them. Your friends can join. You will receive a
message that your best friend is coming over.

On FRIENDZONE you can always see a big plus at the bottom centre. You can use it to create new Meetups and invite friends. If you want, you can also add a description with a photo. 

You alone determine this! It is displayed from the creation to the end (chosen by you) of the Meetup.

Your Meetup will be shown to the friends you select when you create it. In addition to individual friends, you can also select Friendzones to show them the Meetup as well. 

You can change or delete your Meetup by tapping on the three dots at the top left of your post and then tapping on Change or Delete.


Friendzones are your own personal friend groups that you can name and create yourself. They allow you to quickly select a group of friends to join your Meetup or Subevent. For example, add your
friends from the gym to a Friendzone and plan your next workout together with ease!

Only you can see your Friendzones! They are a fill-in and organization tool for your Meetups. Your friends can't see whether and which of your Friendzones they belong to.

Under Friendzones you can easily create new ones and edit old ones. Give your Friendzone a name and add a photo if you want. Simply drag and drop the friends you want to include into the appropriate field. You can edit your Friendzones at any time, e.g. if you want to expand or reduce them.


A public Event is set by a Location. For example karaoke night in the bar just around the corner. You can visit it and invite friends.

You can simply swipe through the Events on the map that are shown to you by the FRIENDZONE algorithm. If you are not satisfied with this, you can set many individual filters via the search button.

Locations, as the name suggests, are places where you can spend quality time with your friends. Public Events are often posted here. If you want to be informed about them, you can follow them. Just tap on the icon of the Location on the map to view the Location profile.

A sub-Event is the mixture of a Meetup and a public Event. You create a Meetup for a public Event, e.g. for a festival or a club night, to invite friends and to organize yourselves for it. The prerequisite for creating a sub-Event is that you participate in the associated public Event. You simply tap on "Invite" to notify the desired friends. 

By tapping on "Join" when you see the Event on the map or receive an invitation.

You can set the date in the filter settings. To search for something at a specific location, you can simply go there on the map and reload the search.


You can find friends via the search bar in your profile or as suggestions in the notifications. Just add them with "Add".

Your profile is seen by your friends and it is suggested to people who have your mobile number or are friends of your friends. Any user can find you by searching for your exact name. Users who are not friends with you will only see your name and profile picture. They can add you as a friend and you can then accept or decline.

Tap on the "Edit" button in your profile. Here you can set everything! 


If you have forgotten it, you can simply reset it when you log in. You can then confirm your new password via your telephone number .  

We strictly adhere to the privacy policy. You can find detailed information under “Privacy Policy” here on the website.

In the profile settings (in your profile on the top right) you can delete your profile under “Account”. Before you delete your profile, we would appreciate feedback so that we can incorporate it.


There are extensive settings options for notifications, privacy, Meetups and much more. So, you can setup and use FRIENDZONE according to your preferences.

No answer to your question?

In your chat you will also find a chat with the Friendzone Support. Just write us here and we will try to solve your problem.